Seryn – This Is Where We Are

Symphonic and delightful. Sometimes the music tiptoes through your headphones and at other times it soars above your head.

Nominated one of the best acts of SXSW 2011. Especially for fans of Mumford & Sons, Good For Grapes, Anathallo, Sleeping At Last.

The Forest & The Trees

Joel and Linnea Edin, known as The Forest & The Trees, are a Swedish folk pop duo. They live married life in an apartment in Stockholm and compose lulling, full-bodied folk anthems. This life sounds pretty idyllic; indeed, this album sounds a little like something out of a dream.

The eponymous album speaks about growing up, falling in love, and escaping. Opening with the rippling rhapsody “Mother”, Linnea lyricizes a tale of watching her mother age, also realizing that she is herself becoming the woman whose place her mother used to occupy.

For a folk-pop album, The Forest & The Trees starts with a bang. Fast-paced drumming on “To The Forest (I Need Some Peace)” highlights a message of escape from hectic city life into nature’s serenity. Then the album takes a soothing and atmospheric turn, characterized by tinkling chimes and mellifluous pump organ, banjo, guitar, percussion and bass. Most of the tracks on this album emerge like butterflies wriggling out of a still, motionless cocoon to erupt into the airwaves in a flurry of colourful activity. Final track “By The Trees” begins with an ambling glockenspiel, is joined by strolling bass and strings and suddenly somersaults into a surprisingly James Bond-worthy theme.

Like an all-weather tire, this is an album fit for a range of seasons and conditions. From sunny driving jams to mellower rainy day melodies, there are fixes on this album just waiting for lovers of both stripped-down and hearty, imaginative folk-pop styles.