Music: watching your diet

I love eating with people who know and care about food. When it’s not an obsession, but an informed intolerance for “just anything”, the care they have is nourishing, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Discernment over food sources and interest in its treatment during production typically transfers into greater care in the finished meal. There’s a notable difference between this approach and one where take-out-pizza is always plan A. I mean, we all love take-out pizza, but not every day – seriously.

If you care about what you expose yourself to, it makes a difference. I care immensely about the music I listen to. It’s a very personal thing. I make it a priority to listen to good music that I have purveyed for myself, rather than downloading whatever happens to be playing on the Top 40, material which other people have chosen, as if on my behalf. I don’t trust simply anyone to choose what messages, melodies, and atmospheres I am going to fill my head with.

In the same way, I don’t want to eat mass-produced greasy carbs ad nauseum, simply because they are comforting and familiar. I want to be able to source things from a variety of great artisans and put it together myself.