Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a big passion of mine. It is a vehicle for teaching many life skills in a fun, challenging, and social context.

Interested in learning more about Model UN? I am available for consultation. I will train your high school or university students in MUN protocol, debate, parliamentary procedure, and resolution writing! Contact me via my e-mail or twitter, or leave a comment below.

For $10, I’ll give you an electronic PDF of the MUN Delegate Handbook I co-authored, which has been used by three MUN clubs in the Vancouver, BC area. Contact me for a preview.

My leadership and MUN experience:

  • MRCS High School Leadership Program Instructor (2014-present)
  • MRCS MUN Liaison (2012-present)
  • MUN, speech and debate trainer, Fraser Valley Debate Club (2012)
  • Vice-President, Trinity Western University Foreign Affairs Society (2005-2008)
  • General Assembly Director, TWUMUN (2008)
  • ECOSOC Chair, TWUMUN (2007)
  • Best Diplomat, UBCMUN (2007)
  • Best Delegation, East Africa MUN (2005)


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