About Me

Welcome. Wander around, make yourself at home, and share your thoughts.

Me? My life has been an international adventure, spanning thirty five countries over four continents. During my childhood in East Africa, I grew fond of sunny weather, warm beaches, and. As an adult I’ve seen enough of Canada to develop a healthy appreciation of (resistance to) dampness and cold.

I teach and write in the Vancouver, BC area. I love to connect people, and I’m passionate about the creative arts (particularly music), and faith.

9 thoughts on “About Me

      1. We do have a lot in common! It was fun to realize that. Thanks for checking out my site. It’s certainly not every day I find another person from Southern or Eastern Africa, let alone sharing interests in writing, or going to the same university! I’m sure we’ve had a lot of similar experiences.

      2. And a shared appreciation for Anne Lamott and “bird by bird”! Yeah I grew up in Zambia, but went to school in Kenya for awhile (RVA). We probably have had many similar experiences!

      3. RVA – we would definitely know some mutual friends. I went to Rosslyn. Pity about the rivalry, I always thought (when my friends weren’t stealing your mascot).

      4. ew Rosslyn? We can’t be friends….Joking. Yeah I was only at RVA for 2 terms many years ago, so we may not have too many friends in common, but who knows!

  1. Bird by Bird has been changing my life one pithy, funny, insightful paragraph at a time this summer. The book was given to me by the grade 2 teacher next door and I’m fairly confident it’s the most apt book someone’s given me since Henri Nouwen’s “Way of the Heart” at graduation! I just recommended it to the editor in chief at Mars’ Hill and I’m going to make some of the chapters compulsory reading in my Writing 12 class next semester.

  2. Natasha

    Thanks for following! I spent a summer in rural Uganda in 2011 and we started a school there, so that’s neat to see that you grew up in Eastern Africa. I am now a teacher candidate in the UBC Ed program, but I teach reading and writing at a language school part time. Looking forward to your posts.


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