Dual Citizenship

Proper English schoolchildren

When we were young, my siblings and I would tell others who asked about our nationalities that we were “half-English and half-Canadian”. We’d even make a joke about it, pronouncing half the sentence in a British Surrey accent and the latter half in a Vancouver one. Many years since, as I learned about the kingdom of God and ruminated on the person of Jesus, I saw that Jesus too carried a dual citizenship. A citizen of earth and a citizen of heaven, Jesus modelled the responsibilities and privileges of this dual citizenship.

Most importantly, I saw that Jesus wasn’t “halfway” about anything. Indeed, he was fully God and fully man. This is still a mystery to my human mind, yet in my spirit I’ve intuited from this paradox a valuable lesson in wholeness. I identify still with the fact that I live a sort of “double” life, but I’m no longer divided halfway between my these two identities. I am one hundred percent both. In a sense, I am two hundred percent. And because of Jesus, I am even more than meets the eye: my citizenship in heaven is valid simultaneously with my citizenship on earth. I am fully present on this earth and fully present in the heavenlies, seated with God. [1]

[1] Ephesians 2:6

2 thoughts on “Dual Citizenship

  1. Paulos

    Craig, since we talk about this all the time, I want to respond here too. I’d qualify what you say, that there are some aspects of earthly citizenship that don’t jive with the heavenly side; they inevitably will and do clash. War comes to mind, and our American tradition of pledging allegiance every day. Jesus’ words about money ring true here: “you cannot serve two masters.”

    But there’s a slice of the earthly life that jives with the heavenly side (please rap that when you read it). Loving one’s neighbors, seeking the good of the place where we live (admittedly, as aliens as in 1 Peter 1:1, the book of Daniel). We can care for our places, communities and countries enough to want their best, and everywhere else’s best too.

    Cool man.

    1. Paul, this is a really valid point you make. I think I wasn’t thinking along those lines when I wrote this post – that I was just settling in my mind that I am present in both places; establishing wholeness. I agree with you that it’s clear from Jesus’ teaching that there are parts of earthly citizenship that don’t jive with heavenly citizenship and I really appreciate your thoughts and the thoughts of people like Bob Ekblad on why that is so.

      Here’s a pretty good point of view: http://exodusnpc.wordpress.com/2012/08/13/americas-golden-calf/


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