Rethinking Letter Grades

Rethinking letter grades: a coherent argument put forth by Darcy Mullin.

On Learning

As mentioned in an earlier post our school is planning to move toward a “no letter” grade policy next year.  I am excited about the possibility and believe it will enhance learning in our school for both students and teachers.  That said, we certainly have some work to do.

Letter grades are easy.  Effectively and accurately reporting on learning is a much harder process.

It is easy to create an assignment, or an assessment and assign it a value.  Students complete the work and hope they get they highest mark possible…maybe even full marks.  It is easy to quantify and it is a system we (teachers, students, parents) all understand.  It’s a system that has been in place as long before I ever entered the school system. As educators we could continue this practice until the end of time – it would be comfortable and for the most part people…

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