Invisible Video Graffiti

Like a magic trick, this kind of graffiti is totally mind-boggling without an explanation.

First watch the video, then read the an excerpt from the story by The Atlantic below, and visit The Atlantic for the full read.

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.


From The Atlantic:

“Art collective Sweatshoppe uses infrared tracking inside concrete rollers to ‘smear’ digital video over concrete surfaces with paint rollers.

They say: “As a new media artist I work with a lot of new emerging technologies, a lot of times just toying around with different things and putting them together to see what fits. When you’re creating art in this way you’re constantly faced with questions about art history and how different movements came about — in many ways the history and evolution of modern art has been dependent on the emergence of new technologies from the invention of oil paint to electronic sound and video and so on.

“The explosion in the popularity of street art proved how much painting on walls could be a powerful way to communicate ideas, so painting combined with projection and interactivity became an obvious choice.

“I work a lot with what is called computer vision software, algorithms that identify objects and track them with a live video feed. The software I wrote tracks the position of infrared LEDs inside the paint roller when they are turned on by the user, and tells the projector where to reveal the image. Essentially we have to line up the webcam with the video projection, and where ever the painter decides to stroke the image will appear, allowing you to paint with videos. Additionally we can paint layers of video to develop a narrative within the performance and create video collages.” (Interview with The Atlantic)


For the full story, visit The Atlantic

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