Disenchanted Prophets

Are they even listening?

Can you hear me? All stock 40% off today only.

It’s all a dream. Do you know the Lord Jesus as your personal saviour?

All’s well that ends well. I’m devastated over my loss.

Claim your online prize now! Are you breaking up with me?

Speed limits strictly enforced

Words surround us like thick fog, swirling around every part of our day. What’s important blends with what is trivial, private with public, sacred with profane. Popular artists who have something contemplative to say have a hard time finding true listeners in this cloud of words. Many of the words are after your wallet. It’s difficult knowing what words to trust.

It’s easy to become disenchanted when you find you’re not truly being heard. Artists may turn sardonic as a coping mechanism; hear the sarcasm in Weezer’s “Pork and Beans” (hyperironically one of their biggest hits to date). Others leave the mainstream in search of greater independence. Successful ones like Dave Matthews can start their own labels. But they’ll be lucky if they get played on the radio any more, because the major labels drive radio with advertising money.

The problem is not with the artists, but with the malaise of an industry that conjures up concepts, feelings, and personalities to enchant consumers. It’s an industry that revolves around manipulation; an industry in bed with the media that surrounds us, feeding us day and night. It’s unlikely to challenge us to grow, to develop character, to think, or to use wisdom. It toys with loose definitions of concepts like love and happiness, losing the consumer in a haze of mixed messages. I don’t think it could define sex, and yet it manufactures meaning for masses of people in search of it.


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