// HACKPACT // Gráfica Sonora

This is an incredible display of high-quality creativity by realitat, using code to explore the interplay between sound and graphics. To the layman, writing code may sound stale, dull, and geeky, burgeoning images of nocturnal basement dwellers ingesting pizza while memorizing Elvish. Far from it, these projects make code look, sound, and feel alive, correlating sound and image in an absolutely mystifying way.

// HACKPACT // Gráfica Sonora from realitat on Vimeo.

define( “HACKPACT” ) =
“1. Write some code each day for one month
// 2. Document your work
// 3. Share it” ;

Showcase of 20 brief experiments (sound machines) we coded during november (MMXI).

All of them explore the sound/graphic co-relation.

Built with Processing and almost all of the audio with SuperCollider

More info/detail about our codes here: realitat.com/HACKPACT

Or, if you want to check other coders’ work during the same hackpact go here: artegenerativo.laad.com.mx/artgen.html


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