Russ Rosen: Story Driven Roots-Rock

Concert Review: House of James, Abbotsford, May 27, 2012

Fort Langley’s Russ Rosen has been a valuable voice in the Canadian music scene for many years. His “story-driven roots-rock” invites the listener into a mission of putting things in proper perspective. He weaves a beautiful poetic quilt that reminds us that we are all part of a larger family.

Passionate about Canadians creating music that tells their own stories, not simply importing those from the United States and elsewhere, he sets an example by incorporating tales from his travels all over the country.

Counted in his lyrics are many overlooked figures of Canadian history, especially those whose noble examples are lost in a sea of travesties past and present. Last night he sung about Jean le Brebeuf, an incredible pioneering Jesuit missionary whose care for the First Nations people he encountered brought them hope and joy.

On stage, Russ is fun and energetic. You can tell that his music is his passion. He is joined by incredible drummer Chad Bjorgan, multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Brett and Julia Ziegler, and by Jonathan Perkins providing the groovy low end. Here is a clip from his show last night.

Buy his wife Sandy’s incredible book about their 5-year artistic journey across Canada here. Buy Russ’ music here. Support the Russ Rosen Band here.


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