Upcoming film: Underneath The Ash Tree (Chris Nash, Vancouver)

Right after checking out the profile of an upcoming independent film, “Underneath The Ash Tree”, that focuses on the theme of family, today I had the good fortune to run into its director, Chris Nash, at the lovely Water Shed Arts Cafe in Langley, BC . We talked about his upcoming project and I was left with the deep longing to help this exciting project in some way. Chris and his team are trying to raise $15,000 by the end of April so that they can make the project happen by Summer 2012. The plan is to begin filming in June.

I will be doing my part by interviewing Chris and Jacqui (production director) to talk to them about the exciting and fearsome aspects of undertaking a milestone project like this.

Interview with Chris and Jacqui. Filmed by Rosanna Peng. Interview by Craig Ketchum:

It doesn’t end there. You, reader, are invited to participate in making the film happen. Auditions are March 14 and 17 in Vancouver. People and businesses are volunteering services and resources. If you donate to the Kickstarter project, you can even get your name in the credits! Read more below.

Here is what Chris says about the film on the website, Underneath The Ash Tree:

The title of this film is a bit of a misnomer. It is derived from my name (Nash), which literally means ‘at the ash tree.’ However, unlike the characters in this film, I come from a very strong, stable and un-dramatic family. Impassioned outbursts are a rarity in our clan and risky ventures are usually suppressed. So when I decided to explore the concept of ‘family’, I branched away from my own experience in search of something darker and grittier, but nonetheless real.

For seven years I studied countless cracked and crumbling relationships, devoid of hope, and I sought to immortalize them on film. At long last I have finally chiseled four fragile people – two young couples – and called them a family, in the sense that all they have is each other and they are inescapably intertwined.

Some people are lucky enough to be born into a family. For others it is a rite of passage. Regardless, the strongest bonds are forged in the fires of love and bloodshed, so I have stripped this quartet of all the comforts that allowed me to grow up healthy and safe. They are neither strong nor stable. They have no guidance or community. On top of this hollow sagging earth I have infused heavy drama and risk, and here you have my film: Underneath the Ash Tree.

What lies underneath the facade of small town normalcy? How does desperation get pushed to the point of life-or-death? What do we crave most at our cores: Trust or Truth?

I hope you will join us as we explore these curious characters, trapped in situations they perceive to be inescapable and struggling to climb toward hope and redemption.

Thank you so much,
-Chris Nash, writer/director

Find the Kickstarter fundraising project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/underneaththeashtree/underneath-the-ash-tree


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