Gungor’s “Ghosts Upon The Earth Tour”, March 14, Langley, BC

The Ghosts Upon The Earth Tour

Venue: North Langley Community Church, Langley BC

With their new album, Gungor flings wide open the doors of creativity, leaving little untouched and raising the bar for musical peers.

Ghosts Upon The Earth is a marvellous soundscape, celebrating the creative action that brought forth existence itself, prompting us to look at it all with new eyes, and weaving parables that touch on truths of scripture that have waited a long time for musical illumination. It channels many great experimental and visionary influences of the past and present, while pursuing new horizons adamantly.

With this album and this tour, Gungor continue on a mission to embrace, redeem, and challenge. This tour offers music that both provokes and delights the heart and glorifies God.

If you’ve heard the album, you know it’s going to be exciting seeing how this album transitions to the live stage. Come expecting something old and something new, and come expecting to be invited into an atmosphere infused with passion, intentionality, and inspiration. And please, dance and sing along, or you’re really missing the point.

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