Organic Family Hymnal , Vol. 1 – Rend Collective Experiment

Organic Family Hymnal

Rend Collective Experiment

Liturgical Post-Rock, Northern Ireland

The Rend Collective Experiment began with about six spiritually searching 20-somethings curious about how to live out Christian faith and is now a full-fledged intentional community based around biblical concepts. the Rend Collective is passionate about social justice, family, and worship. The Organic Family Hymnal is the sonic expression of this community.

Organic Family Hymnal is about resolve and intention, faithfully reflecting the very core of the Collective. Upbeat, chiming track “Movements” resolves to run towards God and continue making movements towards Him no matter what happens. Likewise, “Broken Bread” states “I will not fight you; take me past the line that my heart draws.” The album contains some beautiful meditations upon the closeness of God: “No one really knows what it is to be alone, since you’ve never left our side”, as well as confessions such as “in suffering or joy, we will confide in your perfect love”. Organic Family Hymnal forms a beautiful musical liturgy.

The music is part rock, part folk, and part post-rock, reminiscent of The Rock N’ Roll Worship Circus, David Crowder (who sings on track “Faithful”), Phil Wickham, and at times Future of Forestry and Gungor. If you like what you hear, Organic Family Hymnal Parts 2 and 3 are also available


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