The Forest & The Trees

Joel and Linnea Edin, known as The Forest & The Trees, are a Swedish folk pop duo. They live married life in an apartment in Stockholm and compose lulling, full-bodied folk anthems. This life sounds pretty idyllic; indeed, this album sounds a little like something out of a dream.

The eponymous album speaks about growing up, falling in love, and escaping. Opening with the rippling rhapsody “Mother”, Linnea lyricizes a tale of watching her mother age, also realizing that she is herself becoming the woman whose place her mother used to occupy.

For a folk-pop album, The Forest & The Trees starts with a bang. Fast-paced drumming on “To The Forest (I Need Some Peace)” highlights a message of escape from hectic city life into nature’s serenity. Then the album takes a soothing and atmospheric turn, characterized by tinkling chimes and mellifluous pump organ, banjo, guitar, percussion and bass. Most of the tracks on this album emerge like butterflies wriggling out of a still, motionless cocoon to erupt into the airwaves in a flurry of colourful activity. Final track “By The Trees” begins with an ambling glockenspiel, is joined by strolling bass and strings and suddenly somersaults into a surprisingly James Bond-worthy theme.

Like an all-weather tire, this is an album fit for a range of seasons and conditions. From sunny driving jams to mellower rainy day melodies, there are fixes on this album just waiting for lovers of both stripped-down and hearty, imaginative folk-pop styles.


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