On The Rim Of The Visible World – Jason Upton

Jason Upton and The Goodland Band

On The Rim Of The Visible World [2009]

Key of David Ministries


From its opening notes, On The Rim Of The Visible World is warm, folksy, and rich with heartfelt expression. Including 10 songs recorded at home and 6 recorded live, the album speaks profusely. It develops with more of Upton’s memorable tender and reflective language towards God and others.

Upton declared that he was sick of going to studios and just wanted to record his music in a family context. This album exudes all that is good about home life and is hospitable to the ears. For an album recorded at home with kids, it possesses charming serenity, replete with love.

On The Rim Of The Visible World is driven by piano, vocals, and jazzy folk rhythms built around the snare drum. Celebratory whoops and wails intersperse the live performances in similar character to many of Upton’s older albums.

On the album’s website, it gets described as “a musical documentation of songs, friendship and following Jesus. What could be a better environment for such an endeavor than the living room of Jason’s house?” Accompanying the tracks of the album are two short essays by Brad Jersak and Alfred Sergel, witnesses to the creative and spirit-filled process behind the album.

With each album and each tour, Jason Upton and the band are becoming increasingly well respected and loved not as “rockstars”, as some have phrased it, but as worship ministers. Their candid worship jam sessions have provided a place of solace and renewal for other musicians. Throwing in quotes from the likes of Søren Kierkegaard alongside heartfelt messages on worship and the power of God, Jason portrays a unique, raw, and balanced view of God with plenty of food for thought for his listeners.

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